Missing Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd
International Jew : 4 Volume Set Unabridged
Complete Story of the Galveston Horror, The
Egyptian Masonic History: The Ancient and 96th Degree: The Rite of Memphis
Roman Law : The Twelve Tables



History of Monetary Crimes - Barbara Villiers
Catalog #: SKU0044

The right to coin money and regulate its value was the exclusive prerogative of the State. The author cites early historical examples when this special privilege of government was usurped.

Chronological History Of Money Since Babylon
Catalog #: SKU0043

The Constitution does not provide for Advisers to Presidents, but the Hidden Government provided three advisers, viz., Col. E. Mandell House, Bernard Baruch and Sidney Weinberg. Baruch said "I am the most powerful man in the world." On September 15, 1934, Baruch reported in the Chicago Tribune, "I believe that national pride is a lot of nonsense."

Phoenician Origin of the Britons, Scots and Anglo-Saxons
Catalog #: SKU0040

The treasures of ancient high art lately unearthed at Luxor have excited the admiring interest of a breathless world, and have awakened more vividly than before a sense of the vast antiquity of the so-called 'Modern Civilization,' as it existed over three thousand year ago in far-off Ancient Egypt and Syria-Phoenicia.

Egyptian Civilization: Its Sumerian Origin
Catalog #: SKU0039

In spite of the advances in our knowledge of Ancient Egypt which decipherment of many of the monuments of the old Pharaohs has made possible, two basic questions of the first magnitude still remain outstanding in as great uncertainty as in the days of Herodotus. These are the question of the Origin of the Civilization of the Country, and the question of the Dates of its Kings and Dynasties.

Secret Societies and Subversive Movements
Catalog #: SKU0038

The author describes the organized subversive movements against civilization and Christianity as directed by the Secret Societies, and traces their origins to the beginnings of the Christian era.

Catalog #: SKU0032

The manuscripts were discovered in an old Texas library, in 1995, by a citizen of the Choctaw Indian Nation. They were scanned into a computer and reprinted so all citizens can read these once obscure (basically lost) writings.

History of Herodotus
Catalog #: SKU0031

Written circa 500 B.C., the History of Herodotus is easily one of the most quoted tomes in the study of ancient history. Learn the history of the Ancient worlds of Atlantis, Troy, Egypt, Greece, Lydia, and many, many others.

Lincoln Money Martyred : Return of the Money Changers
Catalog #: SKU0027

A look at Lincoln's monetary views, which the author believes had much to do with the tragic end of this great president. This book tells of the Lincoln's struggle to create "greenbacks", a new money that would free the United States from the tyranny of the international bankers. He created them and then was killed for it.

Our Republic : The Golden Mean
Catalog #: SKU0016

During the forty-five years since Back to the Republic was first published in 1918, problems confronting our great Republic -- which the author, Harry Atwood, recognized as inimical to the interests of liberty and freedom -- have ripened into a constitutional crisis.

Constitution Explained
Catalog #: SKU0014

A very limited number of American citizens know what is contained in the Constitution of the United States. However, the priceless value of the Constitution will dawn upon all without exception if, through shortsighted governmental leadership, faulty legislative enactments and devious court decisions, we irrevocably depart from its spirit and provisions. Then it will be too late to retrieve the freedom and liberty guaranteed under this remarkable document...

Suppressed Truth About The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln
Catalog #: SKU0013

This book is a factual analysis of a crucial period in American history and the malicious methods which struck down the Great Emancipator. Nowhere else can be found, in one small volume, the
connected presentation of the story leading up to the death of President Abraham Lincoln and those responsible for bringing about his assassination.