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Studies in the Psychology of Sex Volume 1
Nineteenth Century : A Dialogue in Utopia
Play-Function of Sex
Problem of Race-Regeneration
James Hinton : A Sketch
Task of Social Hygiene

Havelock Ellis


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Problem of Race-Regeneration
Catalog #: SKU3134

The problem of over-population consuming resources faster than the Earth can supply them, first cropped up in the late 1800s. Havelock Ellis was a leading proponent of population control, suggesting over-crowding caused the filthy living conditions, poverty, and disease that plagued the cities in at the turn of the century.

Philosophy of Conflict
Catalog #: SKU3140

Combined edition of Havelock Ellis writings during WW-1. His first series was published in 1917 and the 2nd series in 1919- TGS has reprinted both series in one book. Facsimile of the original printings.

Three Modern Seers
Catalog #: SKU3161

Biographies and a look at the philosophies of James Hinton, Nietzsche, and Edward Carpenter.

Study of British Genius
Catalog #: SKU3163

A comparison of the British physiology, body, mind, and accomplishments over time, and to other races or nations.

Soul of Spain
Catalog #: SKU3166

A study and observation of the social culture, social history, and social science of the Spanish people. The author also reveals his impressions of Spanish spirituality as shown in the attitudes of the people and their artists.

Seaweed - A Cornish Idyll
Catalog #: SKU3172

This is a facsimile of the 1st edition of this book. It was retitled in the 2nd edition to "Kit's Woman"

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