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Studies in the Psychology of Sex Volume 1
Nineteenth Century : A Dialogue in Utopia
Play-Function of Sex
Task of Social Hygiene
Problem of Race-Regeneration

Havelock Ellis


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Task of Social Hygiene
Catalog #: SKU2167

Havelock Ellis expounded sex education during his entire career. This book teaches about safer sex from a medical, social, and cultural view, while advocating woman's rights and freedom in sexual relations.

World of Dreams
Catalog #: SKU2957

From one of the world's greatest psychologists and therapist, a study into the dream world. Every angle of dreams is studied and reviewed.

Impressions and Comments
Catalog #: SKU3082

Havelock Ellis, of the great Freethinkers of the Age of Enlightenment, wrote down his thoughts, impressions of things he saw or was thinking about day to day for several years. These were captured for posterity in these 2 series. 1912 and 1914 series in one volume.

Philosophy of Conflict
Catalog #: SKU3140

Combined edition of Havelock Ellis writings during WW-1. His first series was published in 1917 and the 2nd series in 1919- TGS has reprinted both series in one book. Facsimile of the original printings.

Studies in the Psychology of Sex Volume 6
Catalog #: SKU1331

In discussing sexual questions which are very largely matters of social hygiene we shall thus still be preserving the psychological point of view. Such a point of view in relation to these matters is not only legitimate but necessary. --- Some ask us why we would republish a series that might be outdated. Why?

Studies in the Psychology of Sex - SIX Volume Set
Catalog #: SKU1390

The sexual secrecy of life is even more disastrous than such a nutritive secrecy would be; partly because we expend such a wealth of moral energy in directing or misdirecting it, partly because the sexual impulse normally develops at the same time as the intellectual impulse, not in the early years of life, when wholesome instinctive habits might be formed. And there is always some ignorant and foolish friend who is prepared still further to muddle things. --- Some ask us why we would republish a series that might be outdated. Why? Earlier writings on this subject were not purely sterile and medicinal in content, but included a spiritual aspect that modern psychology and medicine overlook. These include a view of romanticism
lacking in most modern books on these subjects.

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