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Studies in the Psychology of Sex Volume 1
Nineteenth Century : A Dialogue in Utopia
Play-Function of Sex
Problem of Race-Regeneration
James Hinton : A Sketch
Task of Social Hygiene

Havelock Ellis


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Catalog #: SKU3003

The author presents, what he calls, 'The Literature of Life' in this rare and hard to find book. Havelock Ellis says he's affirming his own affirmations of the eternal facts of life.

Criminal, The
Catalog #: SKU3027

One of the first studies of the criminal mind using psychological standards. The author also compares physiology of the criminal to the law abiding citizen.

Forces Warring Against War
Catalog #: SKU3042

Extracted this popular author's article from the World Peace Foundation's pamplet archives.

Catalog #: SKU3057

Elmira was the location of one of the worst prisons and atrocities of the Civil War, yet this author shows how Elmira became one of the first prisons to try and reform criminals.

Love in Danger: Three Plays
Catalog #: SKU3063

Mrs. Ellis weaves the teachings of her famous husband into romantic fiction and plays.

Kit's Woman : A Cornish Idyll
Catalog #: SKU3065

Mrs. Ellis weaves the teachings of her famous husband into romantic fiction, setting an idealic location in yesteryear.

James Hinton : A Sketch
Catalog #: SKU3066

Biography of one of the first writers of the 19th century that promoted the freedom of sex, and releasing people from a puritanical, restricted view of the purpose and meaning of sex.

Love-Acre : An Idyl in Two Worlds
Catalog #: SKU3070

Romantic fiction where love transverses space and time

Kanga Creek : An Australian Idyll
Catalog #: SKU3077

An idealic school of love, set in a romantic setting in Australia

Impressions and Comments
Catalog #: SKU3082

Havelock Ellis, of the great Freethinkers of the Age of Enlightenment, wrote down his thoughts, impressions of things he saw or was thinking about day to day for several years. These were captured for posterity in these 2 series. 1912 and 1914 series in one volume.

My Cornish Neighbors
Catalog #: SKU3084

Travel back in time to an era where life was not so rushed, and enjoy the life, loves, and times of a forgotten era.

Noviciate For Marriage, A
Catalog #: SKU3106

A plea for education of sex and other marital conditions before the act of marriage.

Nineteenth Century : A Dialogue in Utopia
Catalog #: SKU3110

A curious, but frank and objective look at the history, social sciences, and state of the world in the 19th century.

New Spirit, The
Catalog #: SKU3112

Havelock Ellis studies into the purpose and meaning of life. He uses five persons whose writings affirm his own findings.

Nationalisation of Health
Catalog #: SKU3113

Havelock Ellis was one of the first outspoken proponents for the nationalization of the health care systen, without which, there could be no control of epidemics at a national scale. Time has proven him right, time and time again.

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