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Genetic Armageddon : Today's Technology - Tommorrow's Monsters

Genetic Armageddon : Today's Technology - Tommorrow's Monsters
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Genetic Armageddon
Today's Technology - Tommorrow's Monsters

by Stephen Quayle

Although most of the planet is blissfully unaware of what is approaching, lulled by promises of a "great big beautiful tomorrow," the near future will be anything but beautiful. A terrifying future thunders toward mankind, an impending fate embodied by monstrous, blasphemous combinations of human and animal genetic materials, of man/machine cyborgs, and of beings not only with increased capacities and extended life-spans, but also with a re-engineered morality totally void of compassion. This future is so abhorrent as to almost defy the imagination.


After one or two hundred years we will have conquered aging, disease and the worst forms of poverty. Work will be optional.... We will be able to edit our desires and memories, and change our gender painlessly. If renegade AIs take out your shuttle you'll be able to boot yourself off that morning's backup.... By the year 3000.... the bulk of intelligence will have migrated from organic to nonorganic platforms, on molecular-scaled computing media. Extremely rapid brain-to-brain communication and connection to the global web will make our current individuality seem horribly lonely. Some groups will choose to share memories, thoughts, feelings and even identity, while some powerful individuals will spread themselves out over multiple organic and robotic platforms. One person or hive mind may exist simultaneously in animal, human and robotic bodies... death will be overcome by 3000.- James Hughes

These new beings, often called "supermen," "transhumanists," or (by philosopher Nietzsche) the "Ubermensch" are being called the next step in Evolution for the human race. Those looking forward to their arrival claim it will usher in a golden age. But as will be detailed in this book, their reign will be anything but benevolent.

Just the opposite.

Because the goal of those creating these beings is the hope that they will replace human beings, that the coming new race will be posthuman. One must realize "post" means "after." As in "the human race is gone."

One might argue that this could be a gradual process. This is a tragic assumption, however, as will be documented throughout this book. Those working to bring about the replacement of the human race are planning for the process to be rapid and brutal, undertaken with surprise attacks employing plagues and hi-tech, microscopic nanomachines designed to enter a victim's body to rapidly kill cells and bring about the demise of its host. This won't be a progression in which one race slowly and peacefully replaces another, even though that's the misrepresentation that most people receive.

The conflict will be violent and bloody, a tooth-and-nail struggle until the old race has been wiped out. What is intended is a premeditated murdering, a coup de 'tat, where mankind is about its business one day, and in mass graves the next.

The goal is to replace mankind with a massive "final solution" that would make Hitler envious. The objective is a quick death for those who are in the way of coming new superior race. The aspiration of those crafting this superior race is the extinction of the human race.

The new inheritors who lead this purge will be the stuff of science fiction. Creatures not unlike the cyborg of the Terminator or the deadly transhuman creature in Species will soon emerge to first enslave what remains of mankind and then to rule more ruthlessly than Stalin or Hitler. These dictators have one goal: To kill as many human beings as quickly as possible. (If you've seen the movie The Pianist, you have seen the ghetto future and genocide being planned for mankind.)

What was once the realm of madmen's imaginations and the stuff of nightmares has now become the unholy grail that factions of the scientific community are striving for. Mankind was kicked out of the Garden of Eden lest "in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."2 Today there are those who are once again reaching for that fruit, working diligently to rebuild mankind in a new and wicked image, changing things at the genetic level, and rearranging the basic makeup of mankind into super-beings that will be very much like gods when compared to normal individuals.

These geneticists and nano-technologists believe they can out-god God, and see mankind as a "flawed design" that can be reformed into a new, terrifying image. They have no qualms about doing this. Indeed, they are convinced this is the "next step in evolution" that must be taken. They see themselves not as assassins, but as saviors.

These are people who are proud to play God. As proponent of creating a new, post-human race, James Watson recently said,

"We are the products of evolution, not of some grand design which says this is what we are and that's it ... People say we are playing God. My answer is: "If we don't play God, who will?"

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