Metamorphosis of Lisette Joyaux - The Story of Monique - The Yellow Room
Whipped Women
Memoirs of Josephine Mutzenbacher
Flossie: A Venus of Fifteen - Tales of Fun and Flagellation - Beauty in the Birch
Astrid Cane
Autobiography of a Flea



Folk Lore of Women
Catalog #: SKU1765

A rare view through the looking glass of history of how the world has viewed women through folk-lore of the ages. Folk-lore is a mirror of reality, in that it relates through story the predominant feelings of the particular era in which it was written, whether fable, fiction, satire, parody or comedy.

Lost Continent
Catalog #: SKU1766

One of the classic science fiction books on Atlantis. The mystery of Atlantis keeps every generation's interest and curiosity peaked.

Underground City, The : The Child of the Cavern
Catalog #: SKU1774

Jules Verne, a master of intrigue and imagination, wrote this little masterpiece of science fiction with the yearning for lost civilizations, such as Atlantis. Some of his books and thoughts became fact as generations wents by.. will this one?

Lost Horizon
Catalog #: SKU1775

James Hilton's Lost Horizon is assured a place in the annals of publishing history, not necessarily for its literary value, but for the simple fact that it was the first novel published in paperback in 1939 by Ian Ballantine.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas
Catalog #: SKU1776

I'm sure most of us has seen the movie, some of us many times... but the whole story cannot be put into a movie script... but it is in the book! Jules Verne tempts our curiousity and imagination of lost worlds and civilizations in this timeless science fiction classic.

Catalog #: SKU1777

A timeless science fiction classic, inspired by mankind's love of the skies and his obession for knowledge of the universe. The telescope became man's eye into the heavens. What would he discover there?

Mizora: A Prophecy
Catalog #: SKU1782

The narrative of Vera Zarovitch, published in the Cincinnati Commercial in 1880 and 1881, attracted a great deal of attention. It commanded a wide circle of readers, and there was much more said about it than is usual when works of fiction run through a newspaper in weekly installments.

Catalog #: SKU1791

Tim Beckley's Inner Light brings another of the Rampa books back to the forefront of attention by truth seekers, and for those interested in the study of the spiritual. This virtually unknown book was written by T. Lobsang Rampa's wife, who also held his love for the cat. Though fiction in style, the spiritual truth comes through, as though it were another of Aesop's Fables.

Last Woman, The
Catalog #: SKU1802

Like Romance? Enjoy the setting in early 1900s in the 'more' relaxed lifestyle of that era, when romance was more formal and full of mystery.

Secret History Revealed by Lady Peggy O'Malley
Catalog #: SKU1806

A Quality fiction reprint from TGS Publishing. A Romance novel with all the elements of intrigue and mystery

Venus In Furs
Catalog #: SKU1828

Human sexuality, with all its intrigue and variants is a mystery that has confounded us since time began for mankind. The author of this book describes one variant of sexuality and has an entire sex culture named after him. Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch, though his writings are misunderstood and misapplied by the societal culture named after him, is the root for our word 'masochism.'

Catalog #: SKU1829

From the author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley brings us a romantic type of novel, that was unpublished during her lifetime. It was not until 100 years after her death did this book appear in print.

Last Man. The
Catalog #: SKU1830

Another novel by the author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, a woman of many intrigues. TGS keeps this mysterious author in print, who indeed was a lady of many talents.

Lysistrata : The Nude Goddess
Catalog #: SKU1835

That brightly plumaged fantasy has an aerial wit and colour all its own. But there are certain works in which a man finds himself at an angle of vision where there is an especially felicitous union of the aesthetic and emotional elements which constitute the basic qualities of his uniqueness. We recognize these works as being welded into a strange unity, as having a homogeneous texture of ecstasy

Other Worlds
Catalog #: SKU1841

SciFi author Garrett P. Serviss' works.... simple science fiction or prophecy? Many topics Serviss wrote about as fiction have been proven as scientific facts since his passing from our world.Shall we measure the councils of heaven by the narrow impotence of human faculties, or conceive that silence and solitude reign throughout the mighty empire of nature?