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Saffron Robe
Catalog #: SKU2023

Incredible reprint from Inner Light of Rampa's best! STRANGE shadows rippled before my uncaring gaze, undulating across my vision like colorful phantoms from some remote, pleasant world. The sun-dappled water lay tranquil inches from my face.

Chapters of Life
Catalog #: SKU2012

Tim Beckley's Inner Light brings another of the Rampa books back to the forefront of attention by truth seekers, and for those interested in the study of the spiritual. A baby who was to become a Great Disciple of the soon-to-be Leader of Man. Yet again in another city where East meets West, and both are soiled thereby, a two-year-old baby boy solemnly fingered the yellowed leaves of an ancient book.

Princess Zara
Catalog #: SKU1869

A TGS Reprint to keep quality fiction works available for the public. Ross Beeckman's books were some of the best historical fiction love stories written during his era.

Aphrodite : Ancient Manners
Catalog #: SKU1854

The five books of Aphrodite published in one volume! This fictional tale of our most mysterious goddess.. the goddess of love.

Songs of Bilitis
Catalog #: SKU1852

One of the hidden mysteries to the modern world is the openness of sex, nakedness, love, and love-making experienced in the ancient world. It was taken as matter of fact eons ago, yet kept the romance and titillating discourses that would rival any modern erotica. Obviously humankind has forsaken one of its pleasures, sacrificed on the altars of priests and religious nonsense.

Nude Maja - La Maja Desnuda - Woman Triumphant
Catalog #: SKU1846

The title of this novel in the original, La maja desnuda, "The Nude Maja," is also the name of one of the most famous pictures of the great Spanish painter Francisco Goya.

Proserpine and Midas
Catalog #: SKU1844

The editor came across the unpublished texts included in this volume as early as 1905. Perhaps he ought to apologize for delaying their appearance in print. The fact is he has long been afraid of overrating their intrinsic value. But as the great Shelley centenary year has come, perhaps this little monument of his wife's collaboration may take its modest place among the tributes which will be paid to his memory.

Lysistrata : The Nude Goddess
Catalog #: SKU1835

That brightly plumaged fantasy has an aerial wit and colour all its own. But there are certain works in which a man finds himself at an angle of vision where there is an especially felicitous union of the aesthetic and emotional elements which constitute the basic qualities of his uniqueness. We recognize these works as being welded into a strange unity, as having a homogeneous texture of ecstasy

Last Man. The
Catalog #: SKU1830

Another novel by the author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, a woman of many intrigues. TGS keeps this mysterious author in print, who indeed was a lady of many talents.

Catalog #: SKU1829

From the author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley brings us a romantic type of novel, that was unpublished during her lifetime. It was not until 100 years after her death did this book appear in print.

Secret History Revealed by Lady Peggy O'Malley
Catalog #: SKU1806

A Quality fiction reprint from TGS Publishing. A Romance novel with all the elements of intrigue and mystery

Last Woman, The
Catalog #: SKU1802

Like Romance? Enjoy the setting in early 1900s in the 'more' relaxed lifestyle of that era, when romance was more formal and full of mystery.

Catalog #: SKU1791

Tim Beckley's Inner Light brings another of the Rampa books back to the forefront of attention by truth seekers, and for those interested in the study of the spiritual. This virtually unknown book was written by T. Lobsang Rampa's wife, who also held his love for the cat. Though fiction in style, the spiritual truth comes through, as though it were another of Aesop's Fables.

Folk Lore of Women
Catalog #: SKU1765

A rare view through the looking glass of history of how the world has viewed women through folk-lore of the ages. Folk-lore is a mirror of reality, in that it relates through story the predominant feelings of the particular era in which it was written, whether fable, fiction, satire, parody or comedy.

She Who Must Be Obeyed
Catalog #: SKU1742

A science fiction classic by famed writer H. Rider Haggard, that should not be lost to television and video games. Want children to think, and think analytically? Then, induce them to read these classics and fertilize the mind with imagination.

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