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Digest of the Divine Law

Digest of the Divine Law
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Digest of the Divine Law

by Howard B. Rand, LL.B.

There is no other work like this. It points out the fact that we face the rule of law or chaos. This book will clearly inform you about the Divine law - the Law of the Lord - whose scope covers every phase of human conduct and all national requirements of administration. While the Ten Commandments are universally accepted as the highest moral code, there are other God-given laws which govern jurisprudence, monetary regulations, true standards of wealth, taxation, interest, debt and all other aspects of the moral and economic life of the individual, family and nation. We are bound by these laws just as surely as we are bound by the Ten Commandments. Following is a partial listing, showing the scope of the Law of the Lord, as contained in the Bible and dealt with in Digest of Divine Law.

1. Organization of Government
2. Scope of Government
3. Qualifications for Office-holding
4. Government Revenue
5. Legislative Enactments
6. Ownership of National Resources
7. Court Procedure
8. Standards of Value
9. Interest
10. Lending
11. Indebtedness
12. Private Ownership
13. Property Rights
14. Taxes
15. Tax Exemptions
16. Labor Relations
17. Vacations
18. Capital Punishment
19. Stealing
20. Imprisonment; Restoration
21. Military Training
22. Conscription for War
23. Military Service Exemptions
24. Prohibited Foods
25. Sanitation
26. Slavery
27. Kidnapping
28. Penalty for Adultery
29. Accidental Death
30. Compensation for Injury

Digest of the Divine Law sets forth the justice, equity and righteousness of the Law of the Lord, which is destined to become the law of our land. From the internal evidence in the Scriptures, it is shown that the Divine law has never been abrogated.

Bible teachers and every student of political economy should read and study the whole body of the laws of God given in the Scriptures, for while they are often mentioned, their entire application is usually misunderstood. A full concordant Index, with an Index to all Scriptures touching upon the Law of the Lord, make Digest of the Divine Law a valuable textbook for the student.

reprint- orginally published in 1943

248 Pages
8 x 5 1/2 Hardcover

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