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Christianity Embraced


Christian Documents in Syriac, Arabic, and Garshuni
Catalog #: SKU2793

A rare look and study into little known Christian manuscripts outside of the 'established' Greek and Latin.

Teaching of Apostles
Catalog #: SKU2795

A study into what the apostles really taught from the earliest extant manuscripts.

Teaching of Apostles and the Sibylline Books
Catalog #: SKU2796

How much influence did the Roman religions' soothsayers have on early Christianity?

Story of Ahikar
Catalog #: SKU2797

An in depth and interesting study into the Biblical character Ahikar.

Sibylline Oracles: Books 3-5
Catalog #: SKU2798

A history and translation of the extant manuscripts known as the Sibylline Oracles.

Proverbs of Solomon
Catalog #: SKU2802

Getting translations direct from the Hebrew language brings life back into these scriptures for all men and women.

Homeric Centones and the Acts of Pilate
Catalog #: SKU2809

A short study into the versification of the Scriptures.

Hermas in Arcadia
Catalog #: SKU2810

A look at the life of Hermas, an early Christian father.

Gospel of the Twelve Apostles
Catalog #: SKU2811

What did the apostles teach? A short study into the manuscripts that show what sort of Gospel they taught.

Eucharistic Origins
Catalog #: SKU2813

Where did the Eucharist come from? A short study into its origins.

Codex Sangallensis: The Old Latin Gospels
Catalog #: SKU2818

The history and development of the early Latin gospels of the New Testament.

Christian Mysticism
Catalog #: SKU2819

There is undeniably a mystic side of Christianity once you throw off the chains of closed minded fundamentalism.

As David and the Sibyls Say
Catalog #: SKU2823

The Jewish religion once revered and gave the sibyls their due for their insight, prophecies, and writings. The Christian religion merely took many of their sayings and gave credit to a male apostle or saint.

Armenian Version of Revelation
Catalog #: SKU2824

The Apocalypse of St. John from Armenian sources, translated into English.

An Early Christian Psalter
Catalog #: SKU2826

What sort of hymnals and literature did the early church use?