British Edda

British Edda
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Author Name Lawrence Augustus Waddell


The British Edda

By L.A. Waddell

Shows the inter-relationships of the many mythological, legendary and heroic figures which from the beginning of time were recorded by the Aryan people in their epic sagas.

Long forgotten and suppressed, the British Edda is back. Originally published 1929.

L.A. Waddell was one of the foremost geniuses in research of the Aryan race, the British races, the Phoenicians, and others. A master linguist in ancient languages he provided a clearer understanding of the true ancient histories. Controversial in his day among his colleagues, he remains a controversial enigma to the 'establishment' historians of today.

414 pages, 6¾ x 8¼, softcover
Facsimile Edition - Scanned from original publication

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