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Paranormal World of Sherlock Holmes

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Timothy Green Beckley

Almost every channel you turn on cable television has a show on parapsychology and ghost hunting. Its hard to find a ghost today that can really spook you. Ghosts and psychic phenomenon are so common place that its difficult to be scared by anything out of the norm.



I mean when I was a kid, if a saw a flickering light or a door opening and closing, I was scared out of my knickers. Now-a-days, I just pick up the TV remote and click over to the food network. Maybe that's because most of what you see on the bube tube is either staged or of such a rudimentary paranormal caliber that it has little meaning to anyone who has been around this field for any length of time.

Sure there are exciting cases out there to study, but its much easier to walk over the gang plank and hold a sèance on the Queen Mary, or spend a night in an insane asylum that a dozen other ghost hunting teams have visited, than to go out and study something that is a bit more complex.

As this work shows, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle can easily be considered to be the first ghost hunter and psychic detective. He was making a nice shilling as creator of Sherlock Holmes, but some "inner voice" told him there was much more to his career than to pen detective thrillers, as much as they might fulfill the cravings and curiosity of an adventure seeking public who couldn't wait for the next Holmes novel to hit the stalls (or wherever books might have been sold at the peek of Doyle's career).

Those close to Doyle - possibly his literary agent and publisher - would have liked to see Sir Arthur curtail his fascination with spiritualism and the occult. No doubt they felt embarrassed by his interest in that which was bewitching and bemusing. Certain. he should keep his nose to the grindstone and continue to crank out novels which pinned readers to the seats of their pants and keep the coffers filled.

Here than is a rare glimpse into the most extraordinary cases of psychic sleuthdom that Doyle had to deal with as a member of the British Society for Psychical Research. Sherlock Holmes may have been a great detective - but Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a much more professional Ghost Hunter and Paranormal Researcher. So say it I!

290+pages - 6¾ x 8¼ softcover

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