Alice in Wonderland

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We live in a multi-dimensional infinity - we are multi-dimensional infinity. Therefore there are infinite perspectives from which to view the same events and all can be different, but equally true. It simply depends where the observer is standing at the time.

In this book I will focus for the most part on observing the shocking attacks of September 11th from within what I call the "five-sense prison" - the "world" that we see, hear, touch, smell and taste. It is from this point of observation that all but a few on this planet perceive "life". But in the final chapter I will observe the attacks of 9/11 from a much wider perspective and only then can they be seen in their greater context.

Page 9 -
---The world's "elite" families, no more than 13 at the peak of the pyramid, manipulate their control of humanity through a network of secret societies. This network and the interbreeding bloodlines it serves have become known as the Illuminati, the 'Illuminated Ones'. Illuminati is an organization within all significant organizations. It's like a cancer. All the major secret societies feed carefully chosen recruits into the Illuminati and these are the ones you find in positions of power throughout the world. They infest all colours, races, creeds and countries, and yet, so effective is the compartmentalized secrecy that even the vast majority of people within these societies have no idea what they are really part of---

Page 327 -
---The stock markets are not there to benefit the people. They are casinos. A news report from Wall Street or the London Stock Exchange is little more than a report from Wall Street or the London Stock Exchange is little more than a report from Las Vegas on how the blackjack or roulette tables are going. They bet with people's lives and livelihoods. Two ways of doing this are "put" and "call" options. A "put option" is when you bet that the stock price in a company will go down in value. If it does you can make big money. A "call option" is when you bet that the stock price will go up. Clearly the stock price in the airlines involved in the hijackings, American Airlines and United Airlines, would fall immediately after the attacks, as would that of companies with a major operation in the World Trade Center. How fascinating, then, that 4,744 put options were placed on the United Airlines against only 396 call options at the Chicago Board Options Exchange between September 6th and 7th. Three days later, 4,516 put options were purchased on American Airlines on the exchange and only 748 call options.


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